Without You Lord, I Cannot Live


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Your love is my strong foundation
Your eternal word my nourishment
Your forgiveness is my healing balm
Your amazing grace my truest asset

Your salvation my hearts life light
Your friendship inspires me to praise
The pain I feel reminds me I need you
In my short life in a world which fades

I am so very blessed you chose me Lord
To serve you joyfully each night and day
Because without you there is no real reason
To be inspired to bow before you as I pray

Lord without you where would I be
Without your spirit how would I see
How would I be able to live each day
Without the greatest love my life needs

Your daily bread provides life to me
Your spirit the living water I need
WIthout his eternal gift of wisdom
How would I understand and truly see

To be able to choose your path of life
Sharing daily psalms for many to read
As spiritual serenity, may now move them
Birthing in their hearts the faith to believe.
John 3:3
Jesus replied to him, “Truly, I
tell you emphatically, unless a
person is born from above he
cannot see the kingdom of God.”
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A Prayer Of Thanks


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Early this morning Lord as I awakened
I heard the sound of your assuring words
You told me when I would walk outside
To always know my prayers were heard

You told me I could always rely on you
Each of the promises, you would give
That not a spark of heavenly happiness
From each New day would cease to live

You told me I had nothing at all to fear
No more reasons in life to ever be afraid
No longer would I ever cry hurtful tears
For all former, wrongs have been cast away

And at this moment I can always be assured
Whenever the darkness might try to come
That I will be safe in your loving arms
As the battle for my spirit is already won.

New Year 1977

Acts 20:35
I have shown you in every way, by laboring
like this, that you must support the weak.
And remember the words of JESUS, that He
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Buttercup-Leyla Garza,

To Always Be Around


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You have kept me
from being a

You have kept me
from being
a slave

You have given me
something to be
thankful for

Real answers to
the prayers…
I prayed

You saved me from
my worst enemy

And kept me
from falling

And now each day
I have a special need
for you, Lord, to
always be around.
Acts 17:28

for in Him we live and move and
exist, as even some of your own
poets have said, ‘For we also
are His children.’

Psalm 139:7
Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your

Exodus 33:14
And He said, “My presence shall
go with you, and I will give you

Psalm 16:11
You will make known to me the
path of life; In Your presence
is fullness of joy; In Your
right hand there are pleasures

Jeremiah 29:13
‘You will seek Me and find Me when
you search for Me with all your heart.

1 John 4:12
No one has seen God at any time;
if we love one another, God abides
in us, and His love is perfected
in us.

Wendell A. Brown,
November 1976,
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What is reflected daily in one’s face
Each morning as they open their eyes
What’s wholeheartedly embraced within
Is a prize which without one would die

What causes many smiles to come alive
When one finds your gift is always nearby
Makes one’s heart to solemnly promise
They will never seek to leave your side

One reflects on what is important in life
Those important gems bringing smiles alive
Which lifts your spirit and heart always
The genuine jewel which without they’ll die

For a pure genuine selfless love deep within
Is a blessing in which hearts can take pride
For there is not a truer blessing in my life
Then to awaken each new morning by your side.

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For The One Who Stands By My Side


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Wendell A. Brown

The first day I met your smile
I found my heart was swept away
When I heard you say my name
I knew I never would be the same

The moment you kissed my lips
I found my breath taken away
And as you touched my hands
I could not find the words to say

It’s hard to believe after many years
My heart remains inspired by your eyes
With feelings that have never changed
As I’m still embraced by a natural high

Your smile still touches my heart
In the most beautiful amazing ways
As there still is only one expectation
That each day with you are not the same

Finding myself being swept away daily
By the awesome beauty of your smile
As you provide me a treasured blessing
Making each new moment to be worthwhile

I am left in awe of the magical feelings
Which make my heart dance so vibrantly
As the moments shared with you are special
By the inspiration, your love places within me

And no matter what happens in my life each day
There is something which will remain very true
My life will always continue to be very special
Because my love I will only have eyes for you!
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Wendell A. Brown

Silently I Wait On You


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Silently I wait on you,
silently I pray.
Silently I wait on you,
to help me begin my day.

Hopefully, I wait for you,
to give the direction which I need.
Hopefully, I wait on you, Lord,
to guide me and also lead.

Quietly I wait upon you,
in all my silent prayers.
Quietly I wait upon you,
for I know you will be near.

Expectantly I wait on you,
with the assurance, you will come.
Expectantly I wait on You,
knowing the battle has been won.

Psalm 25:5
Lead me in Your truth and teach
me, For You, are the God of my
salvation; For You, I wait all
the day.
Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2010,
All Rights Reserved.
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They Will Never Be Lonely Long, God Placed You In Front Of Me, The Way


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They Never Will Lonely Long

Taste of the Lord’s cup of life,
Drink and let your soul be filled
Then climb the highest mountain
And shout from the highest hill

Tell of the sweetness you have found
In the love of the Lord your God
Let your lips be filled with praise
As You lift him with your hearts love

Nothing will be more consistent
And no love can ever be so true
Then the love of my sweet Lord
That He will lovingly give to you

Kiss the wind with words of praise
While lifting the Lord in joyous song
Telling the world with his tender love
They will never be lonely long.


God Placed You In Front Of Me

I had no choice this day but to love You
My heart could do nothing else but care
So perpetually my mind began to spin
When You sat down by my side so near

I don’t think I would have chosen You
If that moment in time was left up to me
But Your Father had set in motion a plan
Where Your grace would soon set me free

My heart was swept away so effortlessly
As You reached out taking me by my hand
Never realizing my life could be this happy
Loving You Lord as no other human ever can

And it’s the most magnificent of blessings
The greatest gift my life can ever receive
That moment in time when I became newly alive
The day Your God placed You, God, in front of me.


The Way

Everything Lord, I have sought from You
I would have never found in my world today
Until the moment I humbled myself before you
Receiving your touch of grace which saves

For I sought the one on one fellowship
Which your love provides in my life each day
When I opened my heart and my spirit to You
Thankful Lord, you chose to show me the way

For I hungrily sought to be in your presence
To learn the true wisdom from your living word
So one day I might lead many others seeking
To hear the rhapsody which my ears have heard

For my life, has become truly meaningful
Since the moment I gave my love to you
And your spirit provides me guidance daily
In everything your spirit leads me to pursue

For I find your promise has never been broken
That in my life you will provide my many needs
As long as I choose to walk with you each day
Along the narrow way, You have laid out for me.

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Poems and spoken words,
Wendell A. Brown
Music, Mark Sellers

The Best Insurance Policy


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Many invest their money in policies,
That will pay when one day they die
Some think by working hard each day
It will bring peace into their lives

Others place their trust in riches,
Worldly things which will only fade
But I have the greatest insurance policy,
For the LORD CHRIST, is with me today

And even though my body dies daily,
There is one thing which I can be sure
That when I leave this shell of flesh,
I will be with my LORD forever more

For He has given me His promise,
So that within I may rest assured
That imagination cannot comprehend,
What for me He does have in store

And though this world is troubling,
With many obstacles in our way
I know within the embrace of JESUS,
That my heart and soul will stay

For my faith will never allow me,
To depart the policy which pays true
And you can bank all on His promise,
That with Our LORD you will never lose.
Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust
and not be afraid, ‘For YAH, the LORD, is my
strength and song, He also has become my
salvation.'” ISAIAH 12:2
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So Many Things


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You became to me
my heart and soul,
that unique essence
which lives within…

You became the rain,
the sun, the moon,
whose beauties are
found as each day
begins and ends…

You became my rock,
my tower of strength,
my morning star which
shines so very bright…

For Lord, You became
every lovely thing to me,
when you entered my heart
forever changing my life.
December 1, 2013,
Psalm 16, 5 – 11
You, Lord, are all I have, and you
give me all I need; my future is in
your hands. How wonderful are your
gifts to me; how good they are!
I praise the Lord, because he guides
me, and in the night my conscience
warns me. I am always aware of the
Lord’s presence; he is near, and
nothing can shake me. And so I am
thankful and glad, and I feel
completely secure because you protect
me from the power of death. I have
served you faithfully, and you will
not abandon me to the world of the
dead. You will show me the path that
leads to life; your presence fills me
with joy and brings me pleasure forever.
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Focus on the Family.

Look Beyond Hatred


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If we each could only look beyond
To see in each heart what God sees
Only then might we begin to live
A life framed by spiritual dignity

Even though we see many colors
There are really only two kinds
As God created our flesh and spirits
His love giving life to humankind

Not created to be unlike another
Only our personalities can define
The differences that lie between us
Deep within, our spirits are defined

Where we all are made the same
For in our spirits, His spirit lives
If we could look beyond what we see
Like our creator, we learn to give…

A genuine selfless and priceless
love to all our sisters and brothers,
not hate.
A prayer for those who were taken away from us
in Pittsburgh this weekend. May God bless all
of them, their loved ones, and those who came to
their aid.

John 13:34
A new commandment I give to you,
that you love one another: just
as I have loved you, you also are
to love one another.
Image Credit
Tim O’Brien, ‘Freedom of “Worship”
For ‘Smithsonian.”