Needing Your Love Near


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Within the darkness of the night
When blackness fills the room
The only light is from the stars
The only smile is from the moon

When my emotions slowly come alive
And my dormant thoughts now arise
Finding them becoming realities
As your sweet image, I visualize

While you sleep I watch you lovingly
Praying a time will never come to be
A moment when you will stop loving me
A time when you might want to leave

All the goodness one could ever find
In life is wrapped deep in your heart
Its value I will need very close to me
So this true happiness will not depart

I pray inwardly and very silently
To God who answers sincere prayers
That I receive His favorable grace
Allowing your love to always be near.

(To Deborah Ann, 1977))

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Final Changes


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While men and women change
laws to meet their own needs
making illegal bribes a legal

There is One above who
views it all knowing the
misery to many innocents
it brings

You were given a position of
power by those who voted you
In, but you forgot them because
of paper colored green, along
with your greed which grew

You have become liars, and
money changers even while
you say you believe, but even
the demons in hell are known
for saying those same things

You have given your soul to
mammon, your heart, and spirit
to serve other so-called gods,
and you think I am not watching
from my heavenly throne above

But here is a word of caution
that I now will speak to you
if you do not recluse yourselves
there will be a place in hell
because of the evil you now do

For I will not stand idly by
watching you destroy the weak
and needy while you fill your
heart with greed and ungodly
lust for material wealth and

For I will soon take away your
your life twice, casting your
spiritual essence into the
eternal flames

And I will give the worldly
things you once craved and
desired to someone who will
always seek to embrace the
higher spiritual things…

which honors the One living Triune God!

Hebrews 6:10
God is not unjust; he will not
forget your work and the love you
have shown him as you have helped
his people and continue to help them.

Galatians 5:13
You, my brothers and sisters,
were called to be free. But do
not use your freedom to indulge
the flesh; rather, serve one
another humbly in love.

Romans 7:6
But now, by dying to what once
bound us, we have been released
from the law so that we serve in
the new way of the Spirit, and
not in the old way of the written

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His Graceful Touch


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That time each day I rise
I am greeted by your spirit
As it fills my heart inside
In the very early morning

I am lifted to heavenly places
As I am embraced by your love
At this time I must bow my head
To You, my Father up above

It is not promised I should awaken
It’s not promised again I will see
It’s not promised I will feel Your love
It’s not promised I should breathe

But it is by Your grace and mercy
And the succulent love You bring
I am always blessed each morning
With a sweet new love song to sing

For nothing can ever separate me
From the embrace of Your gentle love
For, You have made me Your very own
With, Your graceful touch from above

(A-Reblog of a favorite of mine)
Psalm 136:26
Give thanks to the God of
heaven, for his steadfast
love endures forever.
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My Thoughts


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My thoughts are always
with you

As my eyes open to you
each day

My dreams are of you only

Wherein my mind and heart your
love stays

Your love has truly spoiled

Not to ever expect anything

Sometimes it’s hard to truly

Why so soon, I feel so very

Yet, dearest, I need to express
my emotions

For inside they can no longer

So I try to present them to you
each day

In that special fashion keeping
them alive

Letting you know what you mean to a
once lonely world

Every precious moment of each new
lovely day

Why my heart needs to find you
by my side

keeping the smiles on my face alive

For my thoughts will always embrace

And my dreams will also share the
same fate

For deeply sealed within my heart’s

Your cherished love will never be
be replaced.

July 1977

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“I Love You Dear”


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A whisper found a place one day
Making its entrance into my ears
He knew he had such little time
To tell the message he would share

He scampered quickly into my ears
As I heard him began to softly cry
Though his message was a happy one
Many soft tears embraced his eyes

And I sat back so very patiently
So I could hear him clearly say
What my love sent by this whisper
To live inside my heart this day

The whisper finally reached the spot
Where tired he could sit and speak
His message was one I longed to hear
For what seemed hours, days, and weeks

Breathless he finally sat down to begin
Before this day finally came to an end
The words from the one I love so dearly
Which from her lips this morning had fallen

As the whisper began gently to speak to me
Soothing words which would become so clear
The message he carried was short yet worthy
To deliver it effortlessly without any fear

And he knew once the message had left him
His life no longer was his this day to bear
He bravely passed to me a priceless message
Its embracing words were “I love you, dear.”

“Making Me Your Willing Slave.”
By Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2010
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Newness Of Life


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I was found dead by
what once had bound

No longer chained to
it’s deadly offerings…

My scars have been healed
within my spirit

Now my heart in sweet
praise will always sing

The chains of the law no
longer control me

By a single living act
of love I have been set free

And all the sinful passions
which once enslaved me

Were cast away by my Lord
who sacrificed Himself for

I felt the amazing power in
His life-saving blood

As the worldly filth and sin
within me was washed away

I never dreamed before
in my young life

I would sing joyfully
for the blessing of happy

Each new morning I rise
with meaningful purpose

Being counted as one who
was raised from the dead

Bearing daily fruit for
my Lord alone

Knowing with Him my spirit
is now eternally wed.

Romans 6, 1-4

1 What shall we say then? Are we to
continue in sin that grace may abound?
2 By no means! How can we who died to
sin still live in it?
3 Do you not know that all of us who
have been baptized into Christ Jesus
were baptized into his death?
4 We were buried therefore with him
by baptism into death, in order that,
just as Christ was raised from the
dead by the glory of the Father,
we too might walk in newness of life.
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Born Again, I Would Be Lost, The Richness of My Father’s Love


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Born Again

I sank deeply in your running essence
And gently walked the waves, finding
The stairway upwards, thirsting for all
The treasured spiritual things

Be I not sold on you Lord, for everlasting
Life so eternal, for I now walk in the air
Lifted by the power of your spirit
To where angels sing daily praises

For I have been saved and in my love
And faith, I was born again of the true
Water while being born also anew of
Your spirit

And a fountain I find has indwelled
My spirit that daily replenishes my
Thirst along with the treasured word
Which satisfies my hunger daily

For my life I find is but a small sacrifice
And will be so very fruitful to you,
Please let my days of daily worship be
Acceptable to you in your sight forever


I Would Be Lost

I think of you so often
As the silent waters of
My heart flows, as my
Mind carries the joyous
Thoughts of your love
To my spirit

For I am now set free from
The captivity of my inner
Self to love you so freely,
So long, and so beautiful

For as the spirit indwells me
Why would I now defile myself,
While your presence is there
Always pumping new life
Within me

For I can see clearly the releasing
Of a new love from my heart to all
That I meet, and they stop and stare
And they say there is a new glow,
An amazing glow and a soft
Harmony that touches them

They know there has been a great
Change and that a power greater than I,
Has reshaped the old self…
Making it new allowing it to embrace
The love of many in Christ

I seek to stay in my new home for
Without you, I would be lost in darkness
I would be unable to stand, I would not be
Able to touch or feel the kiss
Of your… love, for I, would be
Forever lost if you took your love away
From me


The Richness of My Fathers Love

My cup of knowledge is filled to the brim
Yet do I not hunger to fill it more
Do I not cry when a single drop is wasted,
For I know not what blessing was lost to me
In that tiny drop that slipped away at Satan’s

Oh, Holy Spirit, grant unto me a cup
That is never empty that will hold all
Of the knowledge of your secrets and
Your mysteries, for I want them so very
Much to be mine

But let not my cup overflow, and runneth over
Never let it be completely filled, for I want
All the loving of heaven and all the riches of my
Heavenly Father

For is not a son a true son
Who betters himself in his Fathers eyes
For the sole glorification of his Father
So all may see the richness of his Fathers love.

(A-Reblog of a favorite)
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Leyla Garza.
I lost my Lens cap…

Wendell A. Brown,
Poems, Spoken Word Vocals
Mark Sellers, Music.
Copyright 2014

More Than Life To ME


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A real treasure is described to all
As truly, beautiful, lovely, and rare
A work of art totally unique in nature
Which none other created can compare

Diamonds are said to last forever
A rose’s beauty is said to never fade
Sunshine spreads its warmth gently
A pearls sparkle never fades away

Looking upon what Your love daily creates
These priceless jewels my heart daily sees
I value each living moment spent with You
And Your love means more than life to me.

(God gives us His love, grace, and mercy
each day…here’s a poem of love for Him!)
Psalm 63, 3-4
Because your love is better than life,
my lips will glorify you. I will
praise you as long as I live and in
your name I will lift up my hands
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I Must Give To You My All


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When I do not pray
To You, I stumble,
When I do not read
Your word I fall

I find that my world
Feels shattered when
By my self, I try to
Control it all…

I discover Your, true
Love is what’s needed
In my life for me to
Really exist at all

Realizing with a humble
Heart to find true peace
Of mind, I must give You
Lord each day my all.
Psalm 16, 5-11
You, Lord, are all I have,
and you give me all I need;
my future is in your hands.

How wonderful are your gifts
to me; how good they are!
I praise the Lord, because
he guides me, and in the night
my conscience warns me.

I am always aware of the Lord’s
presence; he is near, and
nothing can shake me. And so I
am thankful and glad, and I
feel completely secure,

because you protect me
from the power of death. I
have served you faithfully,
and you will not abandon me
to the world of the dead.

You will show me the path
that leads to life; your
presence fills me with joy
and brings me pleasure

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The Soft Joy


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You are the true soft joy of my heart
Who became the inspiration of my life
You are the love whose tender beauty
I praise daily when it fills my sight

You are the softness of April skies
The warmth of the springtime sun
You are the cherished beautiful love
Whose radiance is outdone by none

You are the One who satisfies my hunger
And the deep thirst I feel each night
You are the succulence filling my sleep
That brings into my dreams sweet life

You, Lord, are the soft joy of my heart
The inspiration which fills my days
The priceless grace which embraces me
You alone will receive my songs of praise.

Psalm 9:1
1 I will give thanks to you, LORD,
with all my heart; I will tell of
all your wonderful deeds.

Psalm 16:8
I keep my eyes always on the LORD.
With him at my right hand, I will
not be shaken.

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory
of God; the skies proclaim the
work of his hands.

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Martin Podt, thanks
for alllowing me to
share your beautiful
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