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When you are not with me

My heart will turn within

To the face my heart sees

And whose love I live in


Nothing can separate me

Or keep me away from you

As long as I am breathing

To your love, I remain true


To the thought, I will give sweet life

To the moment I make a lasting treasure

To the second I change making it to last

To the hour I give what lasts forever


So I may never be lonely long

Whenever you are not with me

I just give life to my dreams within

“And your love makes my heart free.”




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When the sun comes to life each morning
So wonderfully alive I am made to feel
As I again view its beautiful brilliance
I find its alluring radiance to be unreal

When its wholesome light embraces me
I am made to feel very serene inside
For within me exists a heaven received
From the tenderness found in your eyes

I feel as light as a floating feather
Riding the wind currents in the sky
Realizing why I hold to this feeling
Knowing you are the one real reason why

For when the sun rose softly this morning
So beautiful was my life now made to be
While within my joy became vibrantly alive
By the true beauty of your love’s rhapsody

Finding with each new day’s sweet beginning
There is only one thing which remains true
The morning light will shine even brighter
Because of the priceless love I found in you.

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What I see each day in your eyes
Will last many endless lifetimes
That quiet fire which burns within
A serene blaze burning without end

It moves my heart in priceless ways
Causing it to feel emotions very real
Sweeping the air from within my lungs
Causing my mind to become quite still

Motionless I am now before your beauty
Which will forever truly stay the same
So heavenly and melodic are the sounds
As my heart’s happiness speaks your name

Such a treasured gift I am blessed with
As true elation into my heart made its way
Making a special home for your love within
As it embraced my heart on our wedding day.

I came across this poem and thought
I would share, the image is from
Google image, the poem was written the
Night of our wedding day.

Wendell A. Brown,
June 24, 1977,
Google Image



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Their words lovingly make a daily appearance
With a new days birth, they seem to find a way
Quite like a tremendously beautiful flower
Bringing many gorgeous smiles to life each day

It matters not which heart gives them life breath
Or whose selfless spirit makes them radiantly smile
Their priceless beauties are embraced lovingly by many
As within each one, you will find a love worthwhile

A daily love which generates an awesome true beauty
A unique one which will stand the test of time
Each writer, poet, or photographer believes its true
Finding their creations aging wonderfully like fine wine

God blessed everyone with a taste of His creative bliss
Also of His delightfully joyous genuine touch divine
And He will allow His sweet happiness to stay within us
As long as we praise Him daily in our hearts and minds.

“Dedicated to all of my blogging family who daily
brings to life many new creations each day to share
with us all.”

Photo Image Credit,
Wendell A. Brown,



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And what can my heart allow,
When even its breath is swept
Away by a single word from
Your lips which inspires…

I am left numb yet still
Feeling, for my heart beats
Heartily because of the love
It feels daily from you

When I touch your hands I
Tremble because I feel the
Genuine blessing which God
Has allowed me to embrace

When I hear your voice I am
Easily swayed from anything
My heart seeks to accomplish…
For it’s tone refreshes my soul

It is wonderful to rest secure in
The intimate embrace of the many
Thoughts which are always alive
Within me of your treasured love

For you have given more to me
Than anyone ever could, because
You were made for me alone, and
I am blessed daily by your sweet
Wholesome essence for you are…
So very wonderful!

(After 40 years, it is still like the
first, as Deborah Ann, I am still in
love with you.)

Wendell A. Brown
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I felt many beginning pains early
Yes so very deep within my heart
Inside I began to feel different
As each day new feelings would start

I found my heart in a sweet turmoil
Bringing my mind to dance in a daze
And the feelings became very addictive
As they simply decided not to go away

The moments of my day were unsettling
And my nights were much the same way too
As the feelings refuse to leave my heart
While finding it happens because of you

I felt the birth of new emotions early on
Yes in the first moments I saw your smile
When the emotions came to life suddenly
Making new moments even more worthwhile

I didn’t even know your name at first
Yet later that night I dreamed of you
Feeling at once you were what I needed
To change my skies from gray to blue

Even wondering why this had come about
How such a smile could do this to me
Causing my heart such a deep unhappiness
During the times your smile I could not see

Why was the sound of your name like music
Whenever your name my ears would hear
Even as friends spoke it in conversation
Realizing to my heart it had become so dear

As I began to treasure its embracing power
To my mind, it readily became plain to see
The reason I felt wonderfully different
Is because your love was only meant for me.

After 40 years of marriage, the same feelings
are still alive, and no value can be placed on
this treasure which stays, “Happy 4oth Anniversary,
my dearest love.”

April 1977 (40 years ago)
(First Meeting Deborah)

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I knew your sweet smile
From a dream I once had,
Within my life so very
Long ago…

I knew those brown eyes
For they hypnotized mine,
And of my heart they
would never let go

I knew your beautiful face
For it has never been displaced,
From the very deepest parts
Of my heart and soul

I remember that sweet dream
Because it always now seems,
It’s a priceless reality which
Has never let my heart go.

And in my world you became
That ever priceless pearl,
Who’s blushing love stayed
Never wanting to go away

Because our love is a lasting
Treasure which will know only
Sweet forever’s, past even the
Time of our lives ending days.

“Happy 40th Anniversary, Deborah Ann.”

When I first met my wife it
seemed I had known her long
ago before we were ever born
into this world. That we were
Meant to share the same breath
together for an endless time.

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When I first saw your smiling face
That first moment I felt its embrace
I knew at that moment I began to believe
You would always be the one for me

Your image would daily haunt my dreams
While filling my heart with pleasantries
And within there were songs I would sing
About your loveliness, I would each day see

Every new awakening moment I would find
There was no place I would rather be
Then by your side living in your presence
Thanking God for what He has made to be

And the whole of me joyfully surrenders
All of what I am and will always be
For I know with you always beside me
How spiritually lovely it will be…

Each day I am blessed by your selfless love.

“Happy 4oth Anniversary Deborah Ann.”
I was trying to decide which poem I
would share with you on our 40th. So
I decided to share more than one…
you inspire the words to come alive each and
every day…I love you much!

Photo Image Credit,
Wendy McDonald.



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The day I first embraced your smile
My heart was quickly swept away
As I heard you say my name I knew
In my, life, your love would stay

The first time you kissed my lips
All my inner breath was taken away
As I felt the softness of your hands
I was left simply without words to say

After 40 years it’s hard to believe
Our selfless feelings haven’t changed
My heart each day still longs for you
And I easily fall in love with you, again

Your smile still embraces my heart, softly
In the most tender and genuine ways
As I find the truest reality of your love
Remains the same treasure without any change

I am still swept away by your beauty
And the way your smile radiantly shines
Knowing I am blessed to receive daily
The gifts which make loving you divine

I find more feelings living deep within me
Which continue to provide a blossoming truth
Each time I awaken to your loves blessing
My heart reminds me again, “I Only Have Eyes For You.”

Happy 40th Anniversary to you Deborah, you are my life’s

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Love is blind, this we know
Love knows no boundaries
And it will never let go
Because of its enduring

When we were young
with our spirits eyes
We would always see
A true need for our
Love to be

And when we would share
many sweet moments together,
we knew we were Siamese
twins…real friends in love
and life…forever

And now as time is passing
so many years we cannot deny…
that the fires still steadily
burn brightly

And that their roots will
never die.

For “We Are One.”

Photo Image,
Google Plus.