Each day is a blessing to me as I awaken. I am daily blessed by the two loves in my life, God, and my wife Deborah! I receive the Lords blessing with a smile from the rising morning sun…and also from the smile I see when my wife awakens…between the both of them I am nourished by their special love. They paint the color of my day with a certain happiness that stays. I choose to share what I feel in words daily to all who read and embrace my poems, reminding them to take time to smell the roses in their lives. I believe that by doing that others will also seek out that same love to live within them. To me sharing a genuine spiritual smile with others is a most exquisite blessing…a treasure that will always last throughout the day. There is nothing like the blessing of smiling words! Always remember the words of our Lord that we should love our brothers and sisters as ourselves, as we are all children of the same living God, whose love showers us with blessings each day and we should emulate this by selflessly sharing the love alive within us with everyone we meet! Thanks for visiting my blog site, and may God always bless you everyday of your lives! Images which are shared are from a variety of sources with credits being given, and some from the Author.

I have received many awards since my beginnings with  Wordpress since 2011. It is very nice to have my gift acknowledged,  but the greatest reward for me comes from God, and the kindness of your visits!


127 thoughts on “About”

  1. Wendell

    I have nominated you for Sue Dreamwalker’s Hearts as One Drumbeat award. The award is to acknowledge that I see your blog as coming from love, compassion and caring.

    You probably know that the awards are a way to acknowledge bloggers and also to let potential readers/followers know about blogs that they may not have seen before. Some award processes can be very time consuming and involved. This one is not like that. The only request is that you identify five bloggers who fit her criteria.

    My blog acknowledging and nominating you is at: https://livinglearningandlettinggo.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/thanks-for-the-hearts-as-one-drum-beat-award/

    Sue Dreamwalker’s award page is at: https://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com/awards-hearts-as-one-drumbeat-award/. She would love it if you left a comment there saying that you were nominated.

    Participation in the award process, in any form, is of course totally up to you. My main goal is to let you know that I honor your blog and look forward to getting to know you better!


  2. Hi. I nominated your blog to the Liebster Award


    • Arwa, when it comes to awards all through my life I was blessed to receive many. When it comes to my poetry, it is reward enough for me when you visit. God bless you my sister always!


  3. Hi!! Greetings my friend!! I would like to nominate you for the fun write “Spread the Love Challenge”. This was just passed on to me by Miss Vonita Buirski (link to her poem http://movingtowardsthelight.com/2015/03/13/love-in-ten-sentences/) and thought of you as a new challenger…  Just feel free to join… you are not obligated somehow…  Thank you and do hope to read your version. 
    Here’s the link to my Love in ten sentences: https://quirkyshine.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/love-in-ten-sentences-challenge/
    Thank you and be well!!! 


  4. And you got a beautiful about me page… May God bless you!!! 🙂


  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, sharing your thoughts, and following! I appreciate it very much. 🙂


  6. I love what you wrote in your “About” area, so beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog too and the follow!


  7. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by our page earlier. If you clicked the link to download the free ebook and found an error page my apologies. The link has since been updated to the following:


    Best wishes,
    Moylom Enterprises


  8. Hi Wendell,

    Thank you for following my photography blog: http://throughharoldslens.com. I hope you enjoy your journey.

    To launch your travels, find a Country or find a Genre, “click” and jump aboard. Or, here’s a few “Quick Links” to some of my favorites, from over 300 posts, on Through Harold’s Lens:

    “Shaken! Not Stirred”(Sweden)

    “Maiden Mild” (Poland)

    “Where Spirits Soar” (Chile)

    On behalf of the entire Creative Team at Through Harold’s Lens, my trusty sidekicks, Mr. Mirrorless Sony, Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we wish you fun and safe travels.



  9. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Happy blogging.


  10. I have never been so happy reading someone’s about page. What you write is truth and so full of inspiration 🙂 To be inspired and be grateful for everything around us is an art itself. Conditioning your own heart and others with a genuine smile is the highest act of love one can deliver to reach fulfillment 🙂 I am happy to find out that I would discover the same beauty through your posts


    • Ankita, I am humbled by your comments! Thank you for blessing me with your kindness! I hope you might continue to embrace my poetry! I will certainly do the same for you also. Thanks for the spiritual hug and smile! Have a very beautiful and amazing day my sister!

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  11. Hello, Wendell! You have a beautiful blog. I look forward to exploring your blog and your future posts. Thank you for your support by following my blog. I appreciate it. God bless you!


    • Your words truly bless my day with a happiness which stays. We are all a part of each other, and with what we share we can inspire with just the small touch of love He allows us to share. I am humbled by your comments…and I will also look forward to embracing your posts my sister. God bless!

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      • Thank you, Wendell. The pleasure is all mine. I will be on the lookout for your future posts as well. Your blog is so inspiring and uplifting. Have a great Memorial weekend. God bless you!


  12. Each day is a blessing to me as I awaken.!


  13. Does your wife blog here? I think I might follow her! You are so lucky to have love around you as you do. I’m glad I found your blog. 🙂


  14. A loving family is the only beautiful treasure we cherish on Earth. I think people need your warm virtual hug and smile while kindness is worth spreading. You found the truth in your heart. Your light is hope for some that still walk in the darkness.
    I love your powerful words, Wendell.


  15. I liked your about and shall visit you very soon.
    I am leaving for some holidays.
    No sooner I come shall visit and read your blogs.
    Thank You,


  16. Just sending a hug and smile! Hope your day is lovely! ~Sherry p.s. Your poetry is beautiful!


  17. Hi Wendall.
    I was really ministered by the testimony you shared on Alethia_ word’s blog (Lauren).
    I look forward to reading the wisdom God has given you.
    Bless you sir!



  18. What a beautiful “about” page. I fell blest for reading it. Pax.


  19. Hi brother! Thanks a lot for the follow!
    Great blog! 😉


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