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No one surely knows but our Father

When our day will finally be done

Only He can call out to our spirits

While calling His angels for us to come


It happens one day for one person

And another day for someone else

We hear of them as their life passes

Never once thinking about ourselves


On that day my Lord they hung You

Yes, Upon that old and rugged tree

Of the two who hung beside You

Only one recognized Your divinity


At that moment was his faith rewarded

With the true blessings of eternity

Because as He recognized You as Lord

From his sins, he would be set free


As we look back upon our own families

Seeing the times when each one passed

We never entertained It would happen

But as the time came it happened fast


Remember well these words my brethren

The most important thing you should know

Believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God

Never worrying about the time we will go


For His promise remains perfectly true

Which he spoke upon the cross that day

That when you accept Him as your Lord

In His eternal embrace, you will stay.


“Ahmaud, a young black man who was doing

his daily jog was chased down by two

white men and He was murdered in

Southern Georgia.  May God bless his

family in their time of sorrow in many

wonderful ways by the Lord with His

love, and grace. There is no place for

racism in this world!


Wendell A. Brown

1 Peter 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who according to His great mercy
has caused us to be

born again
to a Living Hope
through the resurrection
of Jesus Christ
from the dead!