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Your daily message inspires many each day

Dressing their hearts with His  spirit’s power

As your living words fills many with blessings

Letting believers know He is near each hour


Our Teacher sits daily on our heart’s throne

Inspiring us each new moment to now begin

Sharing with many new believers His power

As God’s living word provides growth within


Each morning your daily bread gives new power

As we humbly receive its new life blessing true

With a new spiritual growth which delights many

Leading many new hearts Lord to serve only you


As true believers, we are given many new gifts

Which make life changes in our lives come alive 

So when another receives your shared blessings

They feel the amazing power Your love provides


Lord the beautiful blessings which you give freely

Will find a lasting home within us to always stay

Which we’ll be honored to share with many others

Your precious love which births new words of praise.


1 Corinthians 1:18

For the message of the cross is foolishness

To those who are perishing but to us who 

Are being saved it is the power of God!

Photo Image Credit: wholeheartedmen.com