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There are many alive among
us who live embracing certain
unhappiness each day…

They are full of such hatred
For another who may have
hurt them in some way

They find they can never
release, the pain inflicted
deep within their lives

They hold onto that hurt each
day as they live, never letting
hatreds flame to ever die

They want them to suffer
each moment of their daily
lives in so many ways

Finding in the end, the only
ones who suffer are those
whose hearts became hatred’s
lasting slaves

Many say with their words they
love God above all, yet they still
let the hurt in their lives to stay

When there is One who paid the
ultimate price casting away all
of hatreds most painful chains

Many still turn away from the
living One, who died setting
their lives free one time

Never realizing as hatred lives
within their consciences and
hearts its power will never
let them be

You can never really be forgiven
by the One who never a day in His
life was found to sin

Unless you open up your hearts,
spirits, and souls allowing His
forgiving grace to truly enter in

When He died upon that old wooden
Cross, one time for the many sins
committed by all who did live

What was committed yesterday,
today, and tomorrow, by His
selfless sacrifice, and amazing
grace He did forgive

It was the greatest gift, the
purest genuine act of love,
of forgiveness done in this
world by anyone

With that one-act of love He
sought to teach by His singular
sacrifice on the cross how true
healing had really begun

His prayer while dying was Father,
please, forgive them for they know
not what they do this day…

While He chose not to condemn us
for the many sins and the hatred
that to this day is constantly on

Reminding  He taught us in His
spoken word at the Sermon on
the Mount he left to us a true

Finding peace and freedom in
our lives and how to really make
that peace in our lives to stay

Forgiveness is the one special
key, which can really chase
hatred’s ugly spirit away…

Just as He paid the price for a
debt to God which we humans in our
lives alone could never repay.

We must forgive the sins committed
against us by others and the sins we
committed against others no matter
how small or large. Then alone in
prayer before Christ in a quiet place
Forgive ourselves for our own sins.
He in one act upon the cross, forgave
us all one time instantly, believing
in our Lord God the Father can we not
also by doing the same and receive the
blessing of peace blossoming in our lives
as it is nurtured by His amazing grace
and love, Why do we hold onto past
bagged when with Christ we are born anew,
anew, forgiven and set free!

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