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It was truly more than a chance meeting,
It was something that needed not to be.
But today I heard a voice call out to me,
When through my tears I could not see.

I had truly become a total embarrassment,
Not a single promise could I really keep.
And while the guilt of sin embraced me,
I found this night I could no longer sleep

I was blinded by sin’s running essence,
With my faith now as low as it could be.
I was drowning in my continued sadness,
Wanting this hopeless feeling to fade away.

If I could only lift myself from the ground,
And by my own strength again stand tall.
But my own selfishness made me powerless,
No longer having any hope in my life at all.

I could not even see a step in front of me,
And the pressure inside was very crushing.
A dread feeling I now felt embracing me,
While from me my life seem to be rushing.

My once strong heart seemed about to topple,
Would I now finally turn answering the call?
As I heard the voice once again call my name,
Saying come to me and you’ll no longer fall.

Still at that moment I felt so very worthless,
I turned toward where the voice came from.
In a down pour of my souls crushing guilt,
By His mercy and grace my salvation is won.

I wondered why You never gave up on me,
Why from me You had never turned away,
Many times I turned away from your call,
Not deserving your great mercy in any way.

My Lord I’m not worthy to come to You today
As I am an embarrassment in many ways.
Yet as I spoke I felt His arms embrace me,
Saying, yes my son, but I forgive you today.

Matt 6:14-15
For if you forgive other people when they sin
against you, your heavenly Father will also
forgive you.

For he has rescued us from the dominion of
darkness and brought us into the kingdom of
the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption,
the forgiveness of sins.
As I read many blogs today, I felt many wanting
to reach out to God, but seemed so hesitant. There
will come a time when one lets self go, and they
will find a genuine spiritual joy blossom within.
This was written back in November 1976…the
moment was life-changing! I wanted to share it
tonight for those who might want to take that
Next step. God bless!

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