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Can you understand what you have become

Because of the worldly diet daily you feed upon

As you feed your spirit food that will not last

Which each morning you find is always gone


You choose to feed upon many worldly desires

Which will never  satisfy your living spirit within

Though you want so much to change your life

Deep in yourself, you don’t know how to begin


You became spiritually bankrupt in your lives

And each new day nothing seems to change

As you choose to serve many worldly spirits

Life’s true light you fail to embrace His name


He’s the One who daily calls out to your spirit

With His grace and power, he’ll help you change

For the Lord is the only one who is able to create

A  very desirable, profitable and lasting change


So when you awaken each day feeling empty

Not knowing what you should really attempt to do

Feed yourself the living bread of our shepherd 

And with His spiritual power, He will change you


Believing in Christ will set you free from worldly desires.



Isaiah 55:11 (NIRV)

The words I speak are like that. They will not return

without producing results.  They will accomplish what

I want them to.  They will do exactly what I sent them

to do.


Photo Image credit, Wendell Arnold Brown