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My Lord you have awaken my spirit

Bringing a hunger for spiritual things

You taken away my worldly blindness

That each new day tries to hinder me


You opened my heart and my spirit

To understand I truly belong to you

Realizing I would never serve another

That only to you my love remains true


You opened my eyes each new morning

Allowing on your living word I can feed

Showing me in my life the spiritual food

Which night and day I will always need


Nothing in this world has much value 

As all things in this world will soon fade.

But those who seek to serve you will find

A true spiritual treasure which will stay


My Lord, I did not choose to serve you

Yet it was you Lord who chose me today

Inspiring me to share with many others

Your true wisdom and peace that stays 


You showed me the true path to travel

The one which will enrich my life always

Learning in my service alone to you Lord

Is where my true spiritual treasure lays


While leading others to find the only way

To you my Lord and true everlasting life

I will remain true in my spirit to you lord  

While selflessly sharing your life’s light.


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 (Galatians 5:13)
” You my brothers, were called to be free
But do not use your freedom to indulge
The sinful nature; rather serve one
Another in love.”)