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In stressful times I shall wait on you

Because of the promise I did receive

Knowing  because I’m a part of a love

Whose strength helps me overcome all things


When darkness tries to overcome me

I know Lord, you will surely come

With your love’s spiritual strength

 Allowing me over evil to overcome


As worldly powers seek to make me fall

In your promises I will always trust

For your peace I know will embrace me

Daily filling my life with your healing touch


You have blessed me to become an overcomer

And in your holy word shall daily be my trust

For I believe I shall win over worldly things

When belief in your power is a daily must.


Image Credit. Wendell A. Brown 




  • Psalm 16:5-11

    You, Lord, are all I have, and you give me

    all I need; my future is in your hands. How

    wonderful are your gifts to me; how good

    they are!

    Image Credit, Wendell A. Brown