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I have known the Lord from my beginnings
From the time he first called me by name
As he formed me within my mother’s womb
I would never in my life be the same again

My early times in life I hungrily sought him
I would search the heavenly skies each day
I felt the majesty of his spirits embrace
As he inspired me to daily praise his name

From a young age, I knew to whom I belonged
As I felt his holy spirits guidance each day
I would scribble on paper the image of crosses
Knowing I would belong to my Lord God always

At a young age, I knew who my father in heaven was
Why early each morning my heart jumped with joy
While being fed with his living bread by his spirit
And drinking his living waters I would always enjoy

Many say they really believe in and love you Lord
Yet they daily choose in their lives to serve self
Failing to recognize the many signs around them
Humbling oneself to the sinful one and no one else

They will only miss out on the greatest opportunity
To embrace his precious heavenly wealth of life
If only they open their hearts, souls, and spirits
Not seeking to embrace the evil one’s dark light

Now listening to the Spirits, single still voice
Of the Holiest one who each day sets many free
Then you will humble yourself realizing the truth
That for His amazing grace Your have a great need

“Spiritual freedom comes only from the Lord”

John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be
free indeed.
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