Where in my life shall I find…you?
If, my love you would pass away
How, will I spend the hours and times
Of so many unhappy and lonely days

Where would I search, my dear, to find
The sweetness of your tender lips
If, love, you become a buried treasure
Lost forever in serpentine mists

Where would I search and upon what cloud
To find the smile much brighter than the sun
If the one who possesses such a gift from God
Is so far away from her dear loved one

What then would I do each day in my life if
To my heart’s dearest treasure I said goodbye
I guess there would be no better fate for me
Than to sit alone in my deep sadness and die

For my love, you are so very irreplaceable
And there will never again be another you
So, if that day comes when you pass away
I would surely pass away from this world too

…just to be with you.

This poem was inspired by a thirties
classic movie… I do not remember the
name of it, but it was a gem, and it
made me think of how important the person
is, whom we hold as our dearest treasure!

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