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You are an inseparable
memory, which lives
deep within my mind

You alone are the bond
filling my heart with
delight, so I will
know no lonely times

You are the valued treasure
needed which inspires my
body’s members to sing
in unison

About the cherished joy
living deep inside
yes in their spiritual
parts within

The pleasure of love
belong to them for
your love Lord has
made them free

From a place where they
once were imprisoned by
an unholy fiends captivity

You are the inspiration
needed to move my spirit
to write many psalms of

About the spiritual gifts
embracing my life daily
which from your grace, I
seek to employ

For you are the inseparable
gladness which alone blesses
my spirit deep within

You alone possess the
the absolute power which
never allow loneliness
in my life to begin again.

Romans 8:39
nor height nor depth, nor anything
else in all creation, will be able
to separate us from the love of God
in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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