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I watch you closely as your spirit sleeps
Wondering are you happily dreaming of me
As each moment of the night passes slowly
Is it my loving smile which your mind sees

In your face, there’s birthed a true peace
With a glow which will never disappear
As if you know deep within your dreams
While you sleep my love is always near

My heart is wrapped in cherished moments
As I lovingly watch you peacefully sleep
Framing moments into perfect treasures
Which deep in my heart I will seek to keep

My spirit is embraced by the alluring beauty
Which tonight quietly adorns your lovely face
While the bliss which lives deep within it
Finds my heart also sharing its same place

Where two gentle hearts have made together
A special heaven where our love will abide
So even when we are wide awake or sleeping
The sweet passion of our love will be alive.

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