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That time each day I rise
I am greeted by your spirit
As it fills my heart inside
In the very early morning

I am lifted to heavenly places
As I am embraced by your love
At this time I must bow my head
To You, my Father up above

It is not promised I should awaken
It’s not promised again I will see
It’s not promised I will feel Your love
It’s not promised I should breathe

But it is by Your grace and mercy
And the succulent love You bring
I am always blessed each morning
With a sweet new love song to sing

For nothing can ever separate me
From the embrace of Your gentle love
For, You have made me Your very own
With, Your graceful touch from above

(A-Reblog of a favorite of mine)
Psalm 136:26
Give thanks to the God of
heaven, for his steadfast
love endures forever.
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