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A whisper found a place one day
Making its entrance into my ears
He knew he had such little time
To tell the message he would share

He scampered quickly into my ears
As I heard him began to softly cry
Though his message was a happy one
Many soft tears embraced his eyes

And I sat back so very patiently
So I could hear him clearly say
What my love sent by this whisper
To live inside my heart this day

The whisper finally reached the spot
Where tired he could sit and speak
His message was one I longed to hear
For what seemed hours, days, and weeks

Breathless he finally sat down to begin
Before this day finally came to an end
The words from the one I love so dearly
Which from her lips this morning had fallen

As the whisper began gently to speak to me
Soothing words which would become so clear
The message he carried was short yet worthy
To deliver it effortlessly without any fear

And he knew once the message had left him
His life no longer was his this day to bear
He bravely passed to me a priceless message
Its embracing words were “I love you, dear.”

“Making Me Your Willing Slave.”
By Wendell A. Brown
Copyright 2010
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