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Born Again

I sank deeply in your running essence
And gently walked the waves, finding
The stairway upwards, thirsting for all
The treasured spiritual things

Be I not sold on you Lord, for everlasting
Life so eternal, for I now walk in the air
Lifted by the power of your spirit
To where angels sing daily praises

For I have been saved and in my love
And faith, I was born again of the true
Water while being born also anew of
Your spirit

And a fountain I find has indwelled
My spirit that daily replenishes my
Thirst along with the treasured word
Which satisfies my hunger daily

For my life I find is but a small sacrifice
And will be so very fruitful to you,
Please let my days of daily worship be
Acceptable to you in your sight forever


I Would Be Lost

I think of you so often
As the silent waters of
My heart flows, as my
Mind carries the joyous
Thoughts of your love
To my spirit

For I am now set free from
The captivity of my inner
Self to love you so freely,
So long, and so beautiful

For as the spirit indwells me
Why would I now defile myself,
While your presence is there
Always pumping new life
Within me

For I can see clearly the releasing
Of a new love from my heart to all
That I meet, and they stop and stare
And they say there is a new glow,
An amazing glow and a soft
Harmony that touches them

They know there has been a great
Change and that a power greater than I,
Has reshaped the old self…
Making it new allowing it to embrace
The love of many in Christ

I seek to stay in my new home for
Without you, I would be lost in darkness
I would be unable to stand, I would not be
Able to touch or feel the kiss
Of your… love, for I, would be
Forever lost if you took your love away
From me


The Richness of My Fathers Love

My cup of knowledge is filled to the brim
Yet do I not hunger to fill it more
Do I not cry when a single drop is wasted,
For I know not what blessing was lost to me
In that tiny drop that slipped away at Satan’s

Oh, Holy Spirit, grant unto me a cup
That is never empty that will hold all
Of the knowledge of your secrets and
Your mysteries, for I want them so very
Much to be mine

But let not my cup overflow, and runneth over
Never let it be completely filled, for I want
All the loving of heaven and all the riches of my
Heavenly Father

For is not a son a true son
Who betters himself in his Fathers eyes
For the sole glorification of his Father
So all may see the richness of his Fathers love.

(A-Reblog of a favorite)
Photo Image Credit,
Leyla Garza.
I lost my Lens cap…

Wendell A. Brown,
Poems, Spoken Word Vocals
Mark Sellers, Music.
Copyright 2014