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The battle was furious
This cold winter day…
The winds of the enemy
Were very strong…

And yet the hero stood
Unconquered but he knew
It would not be for long
As he had to fight the
Freezing rain and the
Cold winter winds

He knew as he felt the
The heaviness of his frail
Body, as it became so heavy
And its spiritual essence of
Life was so numb…

He soon began to realize
That his battle would not
be won…and he fell as he
was detached from the branch
Which fed him life

And as he fell, he awaited
Death the master to come,
And as he breathed his last
Tiny breath…

…he realized it was all
for the best…

For if he had lived, he
Would have only been so
Alone for the rest of
His brethren already
Succumbed to their deaths

As there were no more leaves
left alive on the tree.


Image Credit
Igor Bukhlin