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If you allow my love to
enter then the fear will
will surely go away

The doubt which tries to
creep in as a genuine love
seeks now to stay

If you let my love enter pass
the invisible walls which you
have set in place

Then nothing will hinder the
beginning progress of a loves
sweet tender grace

Allowing you to embrace the
enchanting magic of hope which
brings to your life a taste
of lasting bliss

Opening the entrance to your
heart wherein lies the beauty
of a lovely soul to kiss

You will begin to taste
how wonderfully beautiful
love will cause each day in
your life to be

As your world fills with this
priceless blessing of joy which
from your life will never leave

For this moment of perfect joy
was predestined, to taste of a
love’s beginning breaths

Because within our hearts we
both prayed to God asking
that we would never receive
anything less…

Then a genuine selfless and
breathtaking love.

April 1977,
Keesler AFB, MS
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