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My Eternal Love

Your beauty is beyond compare
And nothing can measure up to
It’s glory

Most men seek a lasting
Love, and yet their eyes
Are blind to you

They give up the search very
Easily giving into the lusts
Of their hearts

And they fall captive to the
Never-lasting love of
The World that fades

Not ever knowing the beauty
And the richness that I know
Which is only found in you
…my eternal love.

A Treasure

A treasure is found in the sunrise
When my eyes do open up to you
For the fiery sun in all its brilliance
Shall be my golden jewel

And its beauty shall remind me always
Of how rich I am my Sweet Lord
When your love is such a part of me
That so daily I need you more

And even if many know you
I feel no one knows better than me
What you bring so daily to each of
Our lives with your love, your
Strength and your integrity

For even if my flesh was to deny you
My spirit and soul will always be yours
And they shall always possess deep within
That sweet treasure that you laid in store.

Until the day of my real birth
When that does finally come
When our spirits leave our bodies
And the battle is finally won.


Your love became the true answer
To a prayer, I often prayed
When I first believed in Your promise
That you wanted to share my days

I found in you Lord, that I really needed you
To be the beauty that fills all of my days
Always making your love my daily reality
Always opening my eyes in every way

For your love I find is the truest blessing
Which in this world my life could ever receive
And its radiant richness is a priceless treasure
That shall always be forever locked within me

For your love was more than just an answer
To the prayers, my heart would always pray
It’s a pearl that’s discovered of such great worth
That I will cherish past the end of my worldly days

I think of the Lord a lot each day especially when I
meet beautiful, selfless, caring spirits full of a natural
love for others who they meet. It always reminds me
of His lasting love. God bless you all this evening!

Poetry, Wendell A. Brown,
Music, Mark Sellers,
The video, Deborah Ann Wright-Brown
Copyright 2014
U.S. Library of Congress.

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