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Come to me let me
hold you close
under starlit skies

Let me embrace the total
essence of you and let
my lips not ever lie

But let my heart strike
a lovely note that will
never leave you blue

And as we embrace so
tenderly realize that
I love you, yes I do

Let the moon be
our shining jewel
until a forever time

Let the stars of heaven
become the strength with
which our love together
softly binds

Let our heart’s first
sweet love song forever
last inside our minds

And always know that
my love is only yours
until the end of time

Let this moment which
we have found never
lose its magic touch

Never let the thrill
of the moment fade
away, this moment we
love so much

Let the warmth of this hour
find a resting place in
which our hearts will always stay

And let us pray to our Lord
of heaven above that these
genuine feelings never go away

Let my two arms always
feel the embrace of
the sweetest love to be ever found

Let our lips always meet
sharing tender moments
where sweet happiness abounds

And never between us let
a time to come where our
moments we may waste

Let us promise, the other
the truest of loves nectar
in our lives, we will always

Realizing as we grow old
together in our love that
stays so rich and true

That I spoken these very
tender words to you
“I Love You, Yes I Do.”

Photo Image Credit

From “Reality,”
Lyrics Wendell A. Brown
Music: Mark Sellers, (AKA Zeke)
Copyright. 2009
All rights reserved.