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My strength is in Your
Presence, for without
You Father, I am at the
Mercy of the evil in this
World and all my spiritual

With you, I drink of
Your Incredible mercy
Power and grace while
Basking lovingly each
Day in Your kindness

You have kept me as a
Precious arrow in your
Golden quiver until a
Certain time chosen by
Only You…

A time which was fixed and
Set into stone, for you made
It so before I came forth
From my Mother’s womb

You daily remind me I was
Held closely in your embrace,
Even before I had taken my
Very first breath

You have always protected me
Rescuing me when sickness
Descended upon me as a child
Trying to take my breath of
Life away

For You commanded it to leave
Because of Your love for me and
With that act of mercy You showed
All who were present I was Yours

True healing came from the power
Of your spirit for as a child the
Branding of your holy cross was
Deeply affixed to the walls of
My heart

At a very young age I would always
Look for You above in the sky, and
When I would draw, I would include
The image of your birth-star from my
Deepest dreams

I would draw a Cross during many
Moments of scribbling as a toddler
on hillsides which would daily came
to life within my thoughts

I created what my heart was reminded
Of each day by your spirit which was
alive within me because my heart has
always known your adoring love

Those memories will never be removed
For they are beautiful reminders etched
On my hearts wall of Your sweet victory
Over death, and the new life I will be
Blessed to receive one day as a precious
Gift from You…my awesome God.
Thank You, Lord, for the blessing
of each new day in life after the
first breath gift of love on that
22nd day of May!

Psalm 22:9 – 10
Yet you brought me out of the womb;
you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s
breast. From birth I was cast on you; from my
mother’s womb you have been my God.

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