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Shine like the stars
which light the night
filling your love’s
life with your hearts

Be to your love a
masterpiece, she
will forever in her
life want to hold

For what you possess
is truly special and
only comes alive from
deep within

So love the one who
adores you immensely
so her feelings on
your love will depend

Learn to love this
love who loves you
learn to cherish her
greatly each new day

Learn to hold back
hurtful words so not
to cause her sadness
in any way

Learn to always tell her
what’s on your mind
especially if it’s only
her of whom you dream…

And you’ll find she’ll
love you deeper in
endearing ways much
deeper than what it seems

For the love which she
possesses only comes to
life because of the
bliss you alone give

Shower her with all the
love in your hearts power
so many, years together,
you’ll happily live.

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