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A kind sweet word eludes
me now, a simple harmony…

A sweet, kind love which
I know is mine, I desire
Now with me

I long to see those lovely
brown eyes full of the
golden sunshine from above

How much I miss their tender
glow but even more, I miss
her endearing love

My heart knows what can
happen each day, what her
soft touch in my life can

When it is accompanied by
a tender kiss which only
comes, from a selfless love
like you

I’m moved daily by your
endearing love, also
the warm embrace to me
you always bring…

I find myself easily inspired
in my heart by the melodic
rhapsody which causes my soul
to sing

And kind sweet words freely
dance from my lips while sweet
praises seek ways to escape

As the sweet love whom I
know is mine alone happily
returns home to my loving

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