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Your love is my strong foundation
Your eternal word my nourishment
Your forgiveness is my healing balm
Your amazing grace my truest asset

Your salvation my hearts life light
Your friendship inspires me to praise
The pain I feel reminds me I need you
In my short life in a world which fades

I am so very blessed you chose me Lord
To serve you joyfully each night and day
Because without you there is no real reason
To be inspired to bow before you as I pray

Lord without you where would I be
Without your spirit how would I see
How would I be able to live each day
Without the greatest love my life needs

Your daily bread provides life to me
Your spirit the living water I need
WIthout his eternal gift of wisdom
How would I understand and truly see

To be able to choose your path of life
Sharing daily psalms for many to read
As spiritual serenity, may now move them
Birthing in their hearts the faith to believe.
John 3:3
Jesus replied to him, “Truly, I
tell you emphatically, unless a
person is born from above he
cannot see the kingdom of God.”
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