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Wendell A. Brown

The first day I met your smile
I found my heart was swept away
When I heard you say my name
I knew I never would be the same

The moment you kissed my lips
I found my breath taken away
And as you touched my hands
I could not find the words to say

It’s hard to believe after many years
My heart remains inspired by your eyes
With feelings that have never changed
As I’m still embraced by a natural high

Your smile still touches my heart
In the most beautiful amazing ways
As there still is only one expectation
That each day with you are not the same

Finding myself being swept away daily
By the awesome beauty of your smile
As you provide me a treasured blessing
Making each new moment to be worthwhile

I am left in awe of the magical feelings
Which make my heart dance so vibrantly
As the moments shared with you are special
By the inspiration, your love places within me

And no matter what happens in my life each day
There is something which will remain very true
My life will always continue to be very special
Because my love I will only have eyes for you!
Image Credit,
Wendell A. Brown