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Be a part of me, of all
the moments of my day, of
all my thoughts and dreams,
of all my day-thoughts…
be a part of me

Let me know you and not let
a tiny moment pass when you
are not with me when your
spirit does not fill me
reminding me of your love

For without You Lord beside
me I will slip and forget
you, for I am powerless
alone unless empowered
by your spirit and my own
hearts desire to share my
life always with you…

So be a part of my world
in the morning, afternoon
and in the dark of night that
I might treasure each moment
we share, reminding me
to always cherish your love.
Isaiah 49:16
Behold, I have inscribed you
on the palms of My hands; Your
walls are continually before Me

Jeremiah 31:3
The LORD appeared to Israel from
far away and said, I’ve loved you
with an everlasting love, therefore
I have drawn you with gracious love.

Isaiah 43:4
Since you are precious in My sight,
Since you are honored and I love you,
I will give other men in your place
and other peoples in exchange for your
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