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Your eyes drip
with love…
They embrace me
in their sincere

And I lose my mind
in love’s warm essence
not touching,

But receiving a gift
that will last forever
by a sure promise you
will join me becoming
the best part of my life

Even by just walking,
talking, holding hands,
maybe sharing an occasional
kiss until our wedding day

And like a rock in quicksand
I sink…deeper and deeper
while finding that love would
have no meaning, unless its
shared selflessly with you

While preserving the
the fact we are one
together now…embracing
moments of joy which come
alive in smiles…provided
by the One who has blessed
us with His presence

Choosing to bring us together
as one after only a few weeks
blessing us to be Siamese twins.
never in life to be apart.
Written May 1st, 1977.
Image Credit
Wendell A. Brown