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When I thought of
You as the sun
Set today

I could only think
How lonely the
Sky must be

For the brightness
Of the sun embraces
It daily with its love

Then, the sun gives way
To the dark night who…
Takes his loving embrace

For the touch of
One who loves you
Brightens the day

It fills your world
With untold pleasures
That only a heart
In love does know

And I think about your
Love, how it embraces me
With its amazing power

And I know, I need you…
Here with me in my life
Even though right now your
Love embraces me from afar.
Wendell A. Brown,
From, ‘When Each Day I Write Of You’,
Copyright 2013,
This poem was written while my
wife was home on leave visiting
her mother and family. We were
in the Air Force stationed
in Hawaii.