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You are the God of compassion
You are the God of great comfort
You have brought peace to us
Through Your Son the Lord Christ

It’s you who receives our praises
You alone created all living things
You blessed us with our beginnings
You alone gave us choices to succeed

Your love is great for us as it’s written
In the word, “let us make man in our image”.
You are the only living God who exists
Yet you allow us to be seen in your likeness

You have given us the Gift of your Spirit
To guide us from darkness into Your light
He provides us with understanding and wisdom
Satisfying our hunger with your words delight

Who cannot praise you each day Lord, God
Who cannot praise your beloved Son, always
For the Son and the Father are One together
Yet, more importantly, the Holy Spirit blends
Perfectly in this a true blending trinity

In three together there is a perfect harmony
With no disorder Lord and with perfect peace
And what you each bring into our lives
Is forever perfect in spiritual uniformity

May all spirits bow themselves before you
In very humble and contrite reverent ways
May all hunger for the crumbs of love from
Your table, as our hearts and spirits eat
Of Your loving grace each day.

1 John 5:7
For there are three that bear record
in heaven, the Father, the Word, and
the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
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