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These pearls Lord which you gently pass to us
That through our many gifts we share each day
Will become the brightest dearest treasures
That deep in many hearts and minds shall stay

Their uniqueness and radiance will embrace many
With a magnificent beauty truly unknown to most
We feel in our lives we are blessed each new day
That You have allowed us to be their many hosts

We’re gladly moved to become Your loving servants
True pied pipers who each day journey out to share
The miraculous beauty found as we share our gifts
Lifting many minds to fly transparently in the air

We count ourselves to be blessed with your grace
As we are allowed these precious moments to see
How beautifully prepared are these precious pearls
Which in us Your Spirits love has inspired to be.
Valuable nuggets of spiritual wisdom
become to others daily pearls of great
worth…share the spirits pearls and
love that lives within you with others
through your hearts selfless love which
is a valuable and priceless gift.
God bless everyone!

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