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For as through one man,
sin and death entered the
world, so by the righteous
act of One was life given
to those who believe in
His holy name.

You are the true blessing
which arrives to us each new
morning as we open our eyes
seeking You

You are the morning star which
rises, placing lasting smiles
full of radiance for all to see
within our glowing faces.

You are the consistent new
beginning of our lives for
your sustaining grace renews
our spirits with your alluring

All who embrace You shall
never be left to suffer alone
for your spirit is their new
existing power blossoming
exquisitely within our hearts
and souls

And we shall be showered with
continual blessings too beautiful
to describe, because they will
taste of heavens spiritual gems
created by a loving God

Their names will be remembered
as they are written in the
Lamb’s Book of life forever.

Revelation 3:5
The person who conquers in this
way will wear white clothes, and
I will never erase his name from
the Book of Life. I will
acknowledge his name in the
presence of my Father and his
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