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Touch me Lord with your radiant love
Fill my heart with its soft desire
Making the tiny embers within to leap
Changing them into a wholesome fire

Fill my heart with the much-needed joy
Which in my life once always eluded me
Uncover the sadness from deep in my mind
So your loveliness my eyes will always see

Placing the radiance of your grace in my soul
Making my heart each day to shine very bright
Full of the energy of your spirit’s tender love
That is full of your wholesome heavenly light

Touch me Lord filling my heart’s waiting ears
With your soft-spoken living words of new life
Cleansing all the places where sin once lived
Making my face shine with your eternal light.

(December 1976)

Matthew 20:34
Then Jesus, deeply moved with
compassion, touched their
eyes, and at once they could
see again. So they followed him.

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