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Wendell A Brown

My world was touched by his hand
And its loneliness was chased away
Into my world entered such happiness
And a greater need for His love to stay

He taught me to love all of mankind
Also to love His Father first of all
Promising me If I did all these things
Never hard would ever be my fall

He filled my heart with a believing faith
Which He promised me I could always keep
He told me never a day to doubt again
As He would always be on call for me

He gave me many sweet treasures
Which to others he allowed me to share
He promised me even while I slept
That His sweet love would always be near

written in 1972
Matthew 20:34
Then Jesus deeply moved with
compassion touched their eyes,
and at once they could see again.
So they followed him.
Image Credit,
Wendell A. Brown