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Listening for His voice
Seeing His spirits light
Believing in His promise
Embracing the risen Christ

Can you see with your eyes
Can you hear with your ears
Can you feel the grace blessing
Which in your life now appears

The living word has spoken to you
Seeking daily to set you free
If only you would hear and listen
To the One Lord whom you need

He knows all your life history
He is witness to your many sins
Yet his decision is to forgive you
Shedding his blood so you may begin

Asking Him to forgive many always
Those who chose against you to sin
Forgiving what you done to others,
As you forgive self for a chance to begin

He really wants to give you true freedom
Setting you free from what bonds within
His grace will wipe your spirit clean
So true change in your life can begin

In life, you will receive many blessings
As your faith increases with his selfless love
Allowing you to genuinely welcome others
With His priceless eternal love from above

Don’t fool yourself thinking you have power
Thinking each day our Lord will not see
For those who do evil to another secretly
Shall never in their spirits be set free

It’s God who chooses kings and presidents
For their hearts He alone daily sees
And God has chosen one leader over another
Guiding them with the wisdom he alone brings

Many have turned their hearts away daily
From the true grace and love, he will bring
With crooked hearts and lying tongues
Turning many others from Christ our king

They embrace the spirit of the enemy
Becuase of what he promises to bring
Not realizing with spiritual ignorance
They won’t receive what he promises to bring

So break up your fallow ground this day
Circumcise yourselves spiritually within
Serve your Lord with a true selfless heart
And you’ll see His plentiful blessings begin.
Colossians 3:23-24)
Whatever you do, work heartily, as for
the Lord and not for men, knowing that
from the Lord, you will receive the
inheritance as your reward. You are
serving the Lord Christ.