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You are more valuable than the
World’s most priceless treasure
More abundant are Your works than
Those who work for You…

Your love knows
no bounds.

Your spirit holds back nothing
From those who love and praise
Your most holy name.

You are a golden rose to the eye,
Feather soft pillows to the touch
And to the lips, You are sweet honey
Tasteful and such a delight to the
Buds of my tongue

To the Lost, You are a friend,
Who never forsakes anyone who
Earnestly seeks You out

To the Fatherless You are a beloved
Father, wonderful in every way who
Knows no bounds in Your charitable
Blessings which are never-ending

To the lonely, You are a comforter,
A strong sanctuary to the weak,
As Your love is ever-increasing
For those longing to find salvation.

And to me, You are love, the most real
Of loves that human minds who do not
Know You dream of possessing, yet You
Freely give this great gift to all who ask

The joy Your love brings is never-ending
As it is poured daily into my heart, for
You have rewarded my faith discerning
The words from my heart are true as is
The love which lives within for You is

So true is my heart as I say
I love You Lord with words of
Sweet praise acknowledging Your
Love is my faith’s reward.
Daniel 12:3
Those who manifest wisdom will shine like
the brightness of the expanse of heaven,
and those who turn many to righteousness
will shine like the stars forever and ever.

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