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I open my heart to
your generous love
for I want this day
so much to be

A much better person
then the image Lord
which is alive in the
the mirror I daily see

I open my soul to You
dear Lord, hoping one
day to come to see

Your spirit of grace
falling down on my
soul, shaping me to
be what you desire me
to be

For you have chosen me
from my beginning days
when I was given life
in my mother’s womb

And my eyes and spirit
seek deeply Lord how
your blessings ahead
will dress me soon

You are the only one I
seek to praise with each
precious word my heart
daily brings to life…

For since the first breaths
my lungs embraced, serving
you alone lord is my life’s
dearest delight.

Psalm 119:73

Your hands made me and formed me;
give me the understanding to
learn your commands.

Psalm 139
O Lord, You search me and You know
me; you know when I sit and when I
stand, you understand my thoughts
from afar….behind and before you
encircle me and rest your hand upon
me….You formed my inmost being, you
knit me together in my mother’s
womb. I praise you that I wonderfully
and fearfully made….even my bones
were not hidden from you as I made
and fashioned in secret….Your eyes
foresaw all my actions and all my
days were written in your book
before one of them ever came to be.
Image Credit,
Tommy Liu,