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When you are falling down
let not the feeling stay
think of your life’s happy
moments, so you might be
able to bring a smile on
your face to stay

Your heart has always been
selfless, and also so very
kind, know that it will be
much better, but you must
be patient over time

Sometimes we seek worldly
treasure, which brings a
happiness that never lasts,
and we find ourselves moving
in circles with our hearts
and spirits running out of

Know you were loved from the
very beginning, and it’s to
that love whom you should always
pray, for His true happiness alive
n your spirit to chase the dark
clouds and unhappy moments away

As you seek to do your very best
keep His love framed deep in your
mind, and as each day begins anew,
your heart will blossom over time

When you sincerely want to find true
restful peace, with your first love
is the only way, for God’s tender
embrace of grace will find you even
after the many times, you fell away

His love never changes like we do
and his promises will remain true,
even after times you turned away
from him, his forgiving embrace
will be there for you.

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There are many moments in the bible which
inspired my poem, these are two of many.
Forgiveness is only a step away, for God is
Always near, and will never turn away from
A repenting heart. God is merciful, and

Luke 15, 11-38.
The parable of the lost son.
Luke 23, 39-43. the robber on the cross.