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A silent dream
once was mine
to share with the
loneliness of my

A silent dream
was the only
thing that could
console the most
empty parts…

Of a heart that sought
so restlessly, to find
a love that he alone
could claim…

Whose sweetness
could lift up my spirit,
making my heart to
sing out her name

The silent dream
was my only friend
for many days and
so many years…

And inside the walls
of this cold, cold
dream was found
written my heart’s
many tears…

Yet as a daffodil
reaches for
the sun…so my heart
did reach out to you

On that wonderful
day when we first met
I realized what I now
had to do

For I had to grasp
the reality of love’s
happiness that you
alone did possess…

And I knew that
I had found that
long-awaited key
that would set
my heart free
from unhappiness

The silent dream
spoke out in pleasure
as a rose feels
the long-awaited
kiss of the sun…

Because it finally
tasted a true reality,
when my heart
your heart had won.

(April 1977)
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