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My spirit will always be with you
My heart shall never let you go
Even when I’m no longer with you
I will always deeply love you so

I will never let go of your memory and
Daily in heaven as the sun does rise
I will lovingly embrace your tender smile
Within the deepness of my spirits mind

So be strong and worry not about me
Accomplish all you are blessed to do
And when you find quiet moments alone
Remember I wanted the best for you

Your selfless love is my lotus blossom
The eternal sun which will fill my soul
I will wait anxiously for you to come
Because my heart will never let you go.

I came across this poem I had written some time
ago, and as I read it, I was inspired to share it.
I have written a lot of poems over time. I was
Inspired by Michael Aris’s love for His wife,
Myanmar President, Aung San Suu Kyi one day and
these Words came to life. Hope you enjoy.