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I awaken the dawn, as my spirit’s
voice comes alive searching for You
Lord, and the living meal you have
prepared for me of your daily bread

I find myself greeted by your love
embraced by your grace and the Holy
power of your spirit as I eat, and I am
made wonderfully full

You are the answer to the peace and
joy, which dresses my heart and face
anew each day, as I am inspired deeply
to praise your name with psalms

As my spirit awakens this morning I
search heartily for your spirits
source, diligently probing the fading
darkness for its radiant light
provided by the only true living God

I embrace the blossoming power of
your heaven’s bliss which it brings,
nourishing me deep within and may I
always bow before you being embraced
by your light of life

When one follows your path their
spirit blossoms like the new day’s
sun, as the blessing of true salvation
fills one’s heart with a lasting love

And by your grace, many are born anew
while the hunger for worldly riches is
chased away by the purity and power
of Your living blood

Many are made clean, with their inner
being receiving spiritual healing
A great spiritual gift for believing
when choosing the path less traveled

When received, forgiveness of sin
renews one’s soul dressing hearts
with genuine selfless love, which
when shared with others glorifies
God, bringing its reward of peace
to bless one’s soul and spirit

Loving others, and not wanting worldly
pleasures in return abundantly will
fill one’s soul with lasting spiritual
gifts The chief of which is eternal
grace and a lasting selfless love

One’s life becomes a true reflection
of the master, they choose to serve,
causing many others to seek out the
same daily joy and happiness they see
radiating from your special smile

Your face and eyes will daily receive
many more spiritual gifts from Christ
for your faith in him and his blessings
will surround, shield, and protect you
with his assurance that you are truly
one of his sheep.

Proverbs 27:19
As water reflects the face, so
One’s life reflects the heart

Colossians 3
Since then, you have been raised
with Christ, set your hearts on
things above, where Christ is
seated at the right hand of God.
Set your minds on things above, not
on earthly things.
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