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Let’s take a walk in the park together this day
In wonderful fields of enchanting clover green
As the scent of flowers gently fill our noses
With the sweet-smelling fragrances of spring

Lets dance with all living things which fly
As they fill the air with their many melodies
Let’s feel the warming winds of these moments
Beneath the shade of blooming springtime trees

As we walk let’s create a most enchanting time
Quietly counting the clouds swimming the skies
Lovingly embracing the other in timeless moments
While the joy of love in our hearts happily sighs

For there is no other time of year one can find
Which makes true love come alive feeling this way
When Winters cold images have finally disappeared
While the sun shares its amazing warmth each day

Let us take pause to enjoy this enchanting moment
While walking slowly in sun-soaked fields of green
Letting the sweet scent of flowers embrace our senses
With the breathtaking perfumes spring now brings

While the birds joyfully sing of their love
Young angels on harps will begin to gently play
As all living things enjoy this majestic moment
Praising Gods blessing of love this spring day.
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