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At night Lord, when I close my eyes
Thoughts of you will embrace my mind
Massaging my spirit with your peace
Which seems more than endless times

I’m confident you are with me Lord
As you promised me you always will
Your promise exists as my assurance
And by my faith its daily instilled

While I sleep heavens harmonies inspire
Me to pen from my heart many new psalms
For I know I was born to serve only you
My Holy One, who wears an eternal crown

Within my soul, I find I will never tire
As it has become my day’s special delight
When the time comes each day to meditate
I’ll never be without your Spirit’s light.

Psalm 119:96
To all perfection, I see a limit
But your commands are boundless.

Psalm 119:103
How sweet are your words to my
taste, sweeter than honey to my
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