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As the light of the morning
awakens me, a sweet taste
of heaven touches my lips

And at that moment I think
of the tenderness which
is daily found in your kiss

Even though I was greeted
by the sun, dancing happily
while delighting my eyes

I found my heart entranced
by carefully placed kisses,
whose taste of bliss on my
lips now lie

My beginning this morning
was breathtaking as I was
I was greeted by my two
true loves

For your kisses greeted
me with embracing smiles
shining like the sun in the
sky above

My heart and mind were swept
into a natural high, where I
felt myself flying like a dove

And I found the sweet essence
of heaven’s bliss alive, within
the graceful embrace of the two
I love

Inside of my heart, I found
myself smiling because of
the sweetness that my two loves

Finding my life will always
be a priceless blessing, because
they give my heart a genuine
reason to sing.

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