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So many beautiful words were gently spoken
Even though to many none was really heard
For they spoke to me from your eyes radiance
As deep within my heart embraced every word

I recall the song which began to play within
Yes, in the deepest parts of my lonely soul
I realized I would have been so very lost
If of your love I would have to ever let go

A promise was given sweet breath that night
As the moon and stars shone brightly above
We were lost and found in a beautiful moment
Of perfect joy because of each other’s love

The magic found alive in that beginning moment
Would soon in our lives simply never go away
For the first time, we held hands and kissed
I knew instantly with each other we would stay

I still find as each new day comes to life
The lovely radiance in your eyes still stays
While the assurance always found in your love
Will be a priceless treasure which never fades.

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