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Deborah Ann,

Think about the brightest star
Ever to grace the midnight sky
Think about the softest glow
That can bring a smile alive

Think about the tranquil bliss
That each morning fills our hearts
Think about the softest touch
Which you never want to depart

Think about the tightest embrace
The one which takes breath away
Think about the most beautiful kiss
Which you found ever to grace your day

Then you will always be reminded of
The treasured glow which lives inside
Whenever I feel the magical touch
Which embraces me daily from your eyes.

(A-repost of a favorite)

Photo courtesy of my sister, Marina Kanavaki,
Who let me use it with my poem. She Is blessed by
God to be a very gifted Photographer, Designer,
Artist, and Musician! You can visit all of her
Creations at marinakanavaki.com