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Each new morning when I rise
I seek out your amazing grace
My spirit hungers for your word
As a new smile embraces my face

For you have never forsaken me
Nor ever turned your love away
As each day finds its new moments
In my life, your love always stays

I can never turn away from you
You alone are my life’s blessing
From the time you called my name
I have felt the touch of heaven

In embracing your precious peace
I find a wonderful bliss to stay
Because when one really loves you
They want it always to be that way

And surely Lord I will always stand
In the strength of your living word
Its breadth will always be life to me
The most perfect song ever heard.
Isaiah 60, Verse, 1-3

“Rise up and shine, for your light has
come. The shining-greatness of the Lord
has risen upon you. For see, darkness
will cover the earth. Much darkness
will cover the people. But the Lord
will rise upon you, and His shining-
greatness will be seen upon you. Nations
will come to your light. And kings will
see the shining-greatness of the Lord
on you.
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