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True love blossoms into forever pearls
Polished by eternity’s lasting kiss
Moments that started with a tiny dream
Lay on a foundation which will always last

As separate hopes and dreams become one
Never having to struggle alone again
Inspired hearts both took a leap of faith
For a life of love which will never end

As we reach for the others warm embrace
Our lips still meet sharing a tender kiss
We find that as time has gently passed
How our union has been truly blessed

For we were always meant to be as one
Forever living by each other’s side
While our love has kept us so very close
Tied together deep where eternity lies.

(a repost of a favorite)
Written for my wife on our 30th wedding
anniversary…she still takes my breath
away with her smile each day, even after
40 years…love you Deborah Ann!

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