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My spirit is satisfied with what it sees
Each morning when I find myself to rise
For my spirit and soul join in harmony
Within the beautiful emotions felt inside

What I find to embrace me each morning
Brings my heart to sing a song of praise
To One who has blessed me with the gift
Of the life breath, He has passed my way

So serene are the many lovely thoughts
Bringing many soft smiles to come alive
When I feel the embrace of my Gods love
As its grace fills all aspects of my life

So tranquil are the many daydreams
That soothingly enter into my mind
Like water finding its way to a stream
While nourishing my spirit deep inside

My heart will forever be satisfied
Each day Lord as you awaken my eyes
Finding it to be a priceless blessing
As your breath again brings me to life.

Acts 17:25
And he is not served by human hands as if he
needed anything. Rather, he himself gives
everyone life and breath and everything else.
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