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How should we really celebrate Christmas
Only in our own special individual ways
Should we lift Him up this day feeling good
With only our heartfelt words of praise

Should we try to make ourselves feel well
By celebrating It only in a worldly way
Or should we make Christmas a lifestyle
Emulating how He lived his life each day

Though He walked many weary miles long ago
With little of the worldly things many need
Where he walked you’ll still find his footprints
For all humankind to see after many centuries

His hands reached out touching and healing many
Never asking for a worldly payment in return
Only that we should honor His heavenly Father
Receiving from His Spirit priceless wisdom learn

Our Lord is selflessly humble in His nature
Hoping we might learn to emulate Him over time
Desiring us to be a true blessing to others
While sharing His love which seals and binds

We should help the poor and needy as He would.
Never turning our eyes from where the sick may lay
We should help the elderly and fatherless among us
While the homeless we should clothe and feed always

We should never turn from the children around us
Embracing them with the fullness of our hearts love
For in doing these acts of kindness we honor Him
Who came among us an eternal blessing from above

We should visit those locked away in prisons
Letting each know for them we still care and pray
While the widows we should honor and help them
Bringing consistent love into their lives to stay

God does not judge another’s outward appearance
Casting none away because of their ethnicity
For He loves everyone who lives in this world
Giving all who come to him salvation’s opportunity

We must love our brothers and sisters as ourselves
While casting away hints of our former selfishness
We should also honor our fathers and mothers daily
Embracing them with our loves most wholesome kiss

For Jesus is much more than only our Lord and Savior
Whose birth we celebrate and honor Christmas day
His life is a perfect example how we should live
Helping others to taste His grace in numerous ways

Follow the excellent example how He lived his life
Creating priceless memories in another’s each day
Sharing selflessly His tremendous blessing of love
Making life better for others in many awesome ways.


1 John 4:9
In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God
has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might
live through Him.

(A Re-blog)
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