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I shall be with you
Lord, when I close
my eyes to sleep…
I shall rest comfortably
with you….

And when I dream now
shall I not be with you,
for I shall fly freely
in my dreams on sweet
clouds of joy and I
shall be with you as
the sun opens its eyes

For when he arises
in the morning, I shall
think on you and the
blessing of life that
you bestowed on me
and my heart shall be
brighter than the smile
of the new day’s sun

I will walk from the
darkness of death into
your life-light, for I
shall be with you in your
garden, singing praises
to your eternal love

And I shall be at peace
when each new day I am
filled with the blessings
of your grace and I know
that one day when my end
may come…

I will be truly born again
as my spirit leaves the flesh
and I joyfully will enjoy your
heaven… seeing you my sweet
Psalm 84:10
Better is one day in your courts
then a thousand elsewhere; I would
rather be a doorkeeper in the house
of my God than dwell in the tents
of the wicked.


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